Design for Change 2011-2012 award ceremonies

The awards ceremony for the 2011-2012 edition of the Design for Change contest was launched on 1 September 2012 in the city of Monterrey. Organized by the Foundation EducarUno, the goal of the awards ceremonies is to celebrate and further empower the participating elementary and middle school students from over 6500 schools from around the country, both rural and urban, public and private, to lead the design, development and implementation of ideas to transform their environment with teamwork and an proactive attitude.

This year the award went to a total of 300 schools in 21 states in Mexico, who brought their projects of positive transformation to their communities.

This edition of the contest received a wide variety projects, including: environmental awareness and recycling for PET contenders, cleaning the community´s riverbeds, innovative projects to promote reading, converting scrap buses into greenhouses and classrooms to teach reforestation, projects to prevent bullying and child abuse, and building steps and buying life jackets in communities where access to the school is by the river.

The contest was remarkable because in just in 22 weeks, the winning projects progress from proposed ideas to a real integration of students, teachers, parents, along with city officials and community members, all working together on innovative projects that reflect a change of mind and attitude, as well as significant changes to the schools and community.