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1. – Education is the greatest hope for humanity. Through it we will become free and achieve spiritual, cultural and economic wealth. It is a fundamental means for development, with equity, justice, social welfare and democracy. It is the only way to create better politicians, business-people, professionals and citizens.

2. – We view education from within a comprehensive and holistic framework, giving equal weight to the emotional and rational aspects, individual and team work, the value of academic research and technological innovation, physical development through sports and balanced diet, and emotional development through strong families and healthy human relationships.

3. – Honesty and love are fundamental values ​​for a complete education that aims to achieve happiness and allows us to live in harmony with others.

4. – We practice the win – win philosophy for growth and mutual benefit between people in order to help build a truly engaged society.

5. – The highest quality education is insufficient if the family is not involved. That is why we promote the strengthening of family ties and involvement.

6. – The individuality, dignity, self-respect and respect for others, their opinions, beliefs and customs, are essential to reduce social and intercultural gaps, and to work together for Mexico and the world.

7. – Imagination and creativity are the gateways to generate new ideas and solutions that add value to society. That is why we provide the space and tools to always keep this door open.

8. – Our learning centers will always contribute to the realization of the dreams of our students, teachers and families.

9. – We embrace innovation as a way of life. Thanks to that our students learn to overcome the fear of making mistakes, and to be able to adapt to new and challenging situations.

10. – Sport, physical activity and art help lead to a life of harmony and discipline, as they facilitate the development of intellectual skills *, complex reasoning skills * and promote human values*​​.

11. – We believe that environmental awareness is the basis for sustainable development. As a socially responsible company, we are very careful about the way we use any non-renewable resources.

12. – We maintain strategic partnerships with leaders in education because by sharing knowledge with allies, all of us may more easily aspire to success.


Alfonso Romo Garza  Lagüera

* Intellectual skills: analysis, synthesis, understanding, observation and creativity.

* Complex reasoning skills: comparison, classification, analysis, synthesis, abstraction, inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, development of support materials.

* Human values​​: determination, perseverance, understanding and group communication.