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1. To establish, encourage and implement, as a habit of living, the values ​​of honesty and love in families, and introduce them as the central axis for education.

2. To create new standards in education through continuous innovation.

3. To develop and share educational concepts with any interested society, economy and culture.

4. To design and implement a methodology that builds the capacity to think, and based on that, to question positively in order to gain a better understanding of the perceived stimuli, leading to the development of new schemes to share the lessons learnt that can be applied in environments.

5. To identify, concentrate and adapt the most effective educational techniques (technological, academic and personal) and establish strategic alliances with major global players.

6. To have impeccable and transparent administrative and financial management that is open to public review, as a model for similar structures.

7. To implement, improve and promote early education techniques to enhance the development of human potential.

8. To work with the family as a central aspect of education by seeing it the first system that strongly influences the growth and development of the individual and molds the actions of other groups of social cooperation (such as school, work, friends, etc.).

9. To integrate the practice of sports into the formative processes of the family, seeking complete integration that results in social benefits and proper physical development.