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EducarUno was established in 2005 as a key part of Consenso Uno, AC. We immediately started working on fostering the dynamics that would enable us to achieve positive social change.

From the beginning we were convinced that quality education, and the values ​​of honesty and truth from the family, strengthened the basis for cultural, social and economic problem solving.

This is  why we decided to start raising funds in innovative ways to benefit Mexico’s leading students through scholarships for their studies in middle and higher education.

In 2009, we started the projects that we have today. Our beginning was the opening of Docet Institute, with the goal of providing the best early childhood education through an educational model of excellence supported by international experts, educational facilities with pedagogical architecture, and most importantly, committed teachers of the greatest moral standards. In the last three years, we have achieved an steady growth in student enrollments, whilst always seeking total satisfaction of the parents.

In 2010 we brought to Mexico the project “Design for Change” with the goal of empowering Mexican children to be agents of change that our country needs, using the methodology: Feel, Imagine, Do and Share. In seven years we have created more than 30,000 social projects. The 32 states of the country are involved with around 150,000 participating students.

In addition to continuing to strengthen and grow our existing projects, we are currently working on technology projects of the highest quality. Using innovative technology tools, we seek to democratize education with the aim of making the best teachers and leaders available to reach as many students as possible through an engaging platform where they can share their knowledge.

In these ways, EducarUno works every day to realize its mission and best hope for the future: to contribute to complete human development through all dimensions of education.