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FC Barcelona Foundation sponsors OSID

On 12 September 2012, the International Sociological Sports Observatory was announced in Barcelona , a new entity driven and managed by the CEEB’s Foundation (School Sports Council of Barcelona) and EducarUno Foundation. The goal of OSID is to create a space from which to develop scientific studies on sport, focusing on social and educational aspects,  which is freely available and can be referenced by society.

As an organization that works to spread the benefits of sport from a social perspective, FC Barcelona Foundation has sponsored this project, which was presented at the Barcelona’s World Race Center. The event was attended by the vice president of the Foundation, Ramon Pont.

This new project, also supported by the City of Barcelona, and in collaboration with the General Minister of Sports of the Government of Catalonia, among others, will encourage the creation of a platform to facilitate cooperation and exchange between entities that work with sports as a social tool to link the theoretical content to the real power of sport to be used as an instrument for integration, socialization and social transformation.